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Re-open notice during Covid-19

To my wonderful clients Relax in harmony hope you are well, and excited to return for some well deserved relaxing treatments during these stressful times . 

As the Government locked down spa/massage/beauty salons 21st March 2020 we are Excited to announce we are Re-opening  August 1st. facials and face related treatments are now available as of 17th August . 

As we are back in lockdown from 5th November to 3rd December unless further announcement are made, I have made Booksy available for booking from Thursday 3rd December. 

There are a few changes and notes for your own safety as well as mine. 

The treatments are now on a 30 min padding time between appointments this allows me to make sure all is sterile and tidy before my next client. The bed will be freshly covered with plastic sheet and bed roll , I will be masked, Gloved, wearing plastic apron for each client. 
I ask that you also are masked . Or one will be given to you . 

If you have booked via the app there is a corona virus medical form that is asked for you to fill in and confirm your healthy prior to treatment. Or a form for you to fill in prior to treatment. 
There is also a button that I can press to say ‘ I am ready’ which you will receive via text or app notification . This feature prevents you from passing others, and loitering with in the building/reception area, Keeping you safe, so if you are parked out side or nearby , you will know I am ready! ( unless your standing in the rain then you may enter earlier) 

The maximum time for a session will be 90 mins and treatments such as sauna, hydrotherm and body wraps will not be available for the short term until pandemic is clearly over. 

The new opening times will be Friday , Saturday, Sunday and Mondays only, yes I’ve decided to open Sunday's as previously Saturdays got jammed packed well in advance. 

Gift vouchers that expired during lockdown. Will be extended for a further 2 months from reopening. 

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 
Kind regards Karen 

Relax in harmony