Relax in harmony

Massage Therapy 


Massage-    30 mins £35  45 mins £45  60 mins £60 90 mins £80 120 mins £100.  course of 6 session pay 5x mins in advance receive 1 session free   combination of deep tisssue to relieve aches pains such as neck problems,knots headaches,migraines, lower back problems,sciatica, joint issues then Swedish massage for aiding relaxation and peace topped with aromatherapy oils combined for your needs,the massages is adapted for what your body is calling out for ! Massage mins available pay in advance time you book will get deducted off your course 180 mins £160 240 mins £200

Pregnancy massage 1hr £60 

Hydrotherm massage 1 hr £70 Uniquely and wonderful approach to massage with a difference, as you lay on a heated water bed face up through out the massage whilst receiving a full body massage -yes, including your back and gluteus! The massage includes a series of movements and light stretching to help with joint and flexibility, for those of you that cannot lay face down,had a mastectomy, Elderly or Pregnant this would be your ideal treat! Clients say it’s like paradise!!

Relax in harmony