Relax in harmony Limited

Relax in harmony Limited


The Ritual

Welcome to a new dimension 

All treatments with in The Ritual includes the very powerful hot poultices warm towels speriece essential oils with your choice of treatment and ends with a treatment closure.

Germaine de Capuccini facials pride them selves of using the best ingredients plants minerals and vitamins ... 

Est since -1962 in Spain and now in the best world spas/luxury hotels and Relax in harmony are happy to share the range with you ...

Royal elixir ....60 mins £65
for dull skin needing a little life to your cells packed with Royal jelly vitamin E for dry/ dehydrated skin 25yrs +

Purexpert ....60 mins. £65
blemished/acne oily skin helping to declog pores produced by overactive sebum and control the ph using both aha and bha to maximise the great results required in one treatment . 13yrs to 40 yrs

Pure 02 excel ...60 mins. £70
real oxygen bubbles on your skin creating what feels like space dust or a mini firework display unusual and I love it! This stimulates and wakens the layers of your skin to clear and refresh your skin from stress/pollution from environment and computers etc /tired also ideal for smokers! 

Time rides lift ....60 mins £75intense lift & tone for mature or sagging skin reduces lines , improves elasticity and luminosity                          

For Men

This deep tissue massage uses our luxurious cinnamon massage balm containing cinnamon Essential Oil to increases circulation and Vitamin E to nourish, rehydrate and protect the skin. Our unique ritual poultice crystals and stones is also used to iron out tight knots and areas of tension in the muscles.

30 mins £40 60 mins £65

Premier massage

This massage includes the Zodiac oils to best match you and your birth year giving you a choice of the nearest 2 oils that best suits you and your year includes the Germaine welcome 

45 mins £50 1hr £70 1hr15mins £90

1hr45mins £125

Spa treatments 

The luxurious candle lit treatment gives you the choice of either a lavender candle for relaxation or olive candle for dry skin.

The candle of your choice, is lit  the welcome Ritual takes place and then the melting candle butter is poured over an area then a soothing massage takes place. 1 hr £75

Turkish delight

Starting with the Ritual the Turkish cinnamon massage gel is applied to your body stretching with deep movements to the muscles to loosen tension, the froulade is then applied which with a series of movements throughout the body lightly stretches and re-lines your body to its correct positioning , this is a unique treatment and one not to be missed . 
After your treatment you will be given a hot herbal tea and Turkish delight sweets to finish . 
75 mins £80

Chocolate cocoon 

Welcome Ritual,full body chocolate exfoliate,chocolate mask applied over entire body then wrapped in a heated cocoon whilst receiving hot stones massage to the face. Shower off the chocolate body butter is applied to finish . Waking time given at the end. 

1 hr 30mins £100

Vitamin C+ cocoon 

Welcome Ritual,Luxury full body exfoliating and thick silky C+ mask is applied to entire body whilst cocooned in the infra red body sauna , chakra stones are added to balance and give you harmony  during this time, hot stones massage to face and scalp. Body butters will be applied to face and body to finish . And gentle waking time given

1hr 30 mins £100

Pay here, or pay on your appointment
Pay here, or pay on your appointment
Relax in harmony