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Universal Contour  body Wrap (UCW) 

  Full body wrap £85  

Half wrap -(knee to rib cage) £65

Guaranteed  in just one session of a full body wrap if you do not lose 6 inches or more -you don’t pay !!!

CO2      75 mins  £80

For stubborn cellulite the new revolution product comes in a form of a patch that directly is placed on the area of your concern this oxygenates the dead cellulite that has been there for years and has become inactive the patches become cold when the patches have re activated the cells the treatment includes exfoliation and concludes with a detox massage to legs and abdomen.   

What is Cellulite ?why do i have it ?

 Toxins-accumulation is due to age, illness,medications, stress, improper diet, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise and weight loss (which due to fat breakdown is very toxic).      All of this is further complicated for women with hormonal changes and pregnancy. 

In women, these toxins accumulate from the waist to the knees, and in men from the abdomen up through the face and throat. 

When the skin and kidneys become overloaded, toxins are stored in the fluid between the fat cells. This is called interstitial fluid which simply means "between the cells". These toxins are not removed by any normal process. You cannot diet them away, exercise them away or sauna them away. 

These toxins test from 34 to 69 percent toxicity - so toxic they would kill a red blood cell on contact. When we unwrap someone who is particularly toxic, an odour such as alcohol, nicotine or medication is often acutely detected in the wrap. Many people are wrapped for the cleansing benefits as well as the inch loss and reshaping. By revitalising elastin, we give the body the ability to grab hold of the ‘shape’ into which we have moulded it within of the wraps - and the ability to maintain it. This moderate pressure also brings the skin closer, thus limiting the fatty layer under the skin to its normal form. 

Whilst going to the gym or doing other forms of exercise will in most cases firm and tone the muscles the underneath softened tissue ,cellulite  is basically a common term but not a medically known as 'Fatty Deposits'These fatty deposits have been researched and now indicates that during the woman s monthly hormonal change the fatty deposits along with high oestrogen levels can form toxified fatty deposits. The excessive toxicity of fatty deposits in time will tend to pit the surfaces of the muscle base over which they are retained. This in conjunction with inhibiting elastin allows for the overlying tissue to accentuate every bump, dip and bulge of the muscle base. This produces the effect of what is Commonly known as Cellulite.

As cellulite can cause a slow breakdown and weakness in the connective tissue that holds the skin firm,regular diet and exercise are not enough. One must eliminate the excessive accumulation of toxins and fluids that prevent the spontaneous correction of this  condition. 

Since cellulite in the body is formed over a long period of time, it will not disappear immediately after only one wrap, - a difference will be seen and felt but a course of wraps would benefit for maximum results during your first consultation you will be asked questions such as 'what are your aims ... instant inch loss for an occasion or a holiday or more for the long term so between you and me we can work on the best ways to get to your goals . 

Pay here , or pay on your appointment
Pay here , or pay on your appointment
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