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 Karen - Relax in Harmony, is one of only three people in the world who has been trained by the Japanese Master of Ko-Bi-Do and she has a very rare talent, which is so exceptional that I would migrate to Hastings just to be near her because this is one of a very few beauty wonders of the world... G sinclair VH newsletter  May 2013

Karen at Relax in Harmony is extremely gifted. She is a real professional and takes her talents very seriously. I have had several massages and the infamous Ko Bi Do facial.  Firstly, the massages are nothing short of amazing. She has the ability to intuitively identify problem areas and skillfully address them. She does this with an lovely aura of serenity that I found very relaxing and comforting. No babble about the weather or her personal issues, I was clearly the focus of all of her attention.  -   Cottagegirl, 2012 I have had back and leg aches for a long time. Going for deep tissue massages with Karen has improved my life so much ! very friendly and always gets the aches fixed !!  - Steves, 2013I am happy to recommend Karen for anyone. I have been to her for numerous different treatments. She rid me of sciatica that I had been suffering with for 6 months. I have also seen her on a regular basis for pampering and essential maintenance. It's always a pleasure - you will be in good hands with Karen. - HMB, 2012 I had a fantastic healing massage with Karen Dunn last night, followed by chill time with tea and chocolates in her new Harmony Suite. Have 'joint flu' as Karen calls it and need three things to make it better so am following suit. Karen works from the heart/spirit and is an intuitive therapist. I went into a deep space and felt a real shift in myself afterwards, in the sense of things opening up so I know some good healing took place :-) -Nicci, 2014
"Exceptional!"Reviewed 4 September 2016

Karen is the best in the business. Very professional and skilled. The room was lovely. I recommend the Ko-Bi-Do facial and hour massage.

Helpful? Thank marylacuna ReportKaren D, Owner at Relax in harmony, responded to this review
"Spectacular"Reviewed 4 July 2016

1 hour of sheer bliss. The Ko-Bi-Du is the best treatment I have ever had because Karen the practitioner is excellent at her job. I would truly recommend this spa 

"best massage ever"Reviewed 28 April 2016

She seems to intuitively know what the body needs. A massage with Karen can change your spirit for the better.

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