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Relax in harmony Limited


Signature Treatments

Our signature treatments includes Facials and body treatments visitors from across the miles come to experience These treatments 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ko-bi-do Japanese

                  Facial 60 mins £65                                                  

This amazing facial is one that is much loved by many. They come from afar to try this special treatment and return time and time again.  This 14th Century  treatment was a traditionally popular for the Emperorand Empress of Japan.

The ko-bi-do facial will rejuvenate ,tone and firm your skin, taking  up to 5 years off of your appearance, performed just from a special walking technique and massage, using a collagen balm, essentialoils, steamedtowels, very finest manuka honey.Also includes phrenology which is a specialised cranium massage and pressure points on your scalp enabling you to switch off relax and drift away. 

 Ko-bi-Gold         90mins £90
 24ct Gold masque combined with Traditional Ko-bi-do ,the Gold masque contains live caviar and collagen to help combat the fine 
Lines and moisturise the skin to a depth of how your skin felt in your teens this amazing treatment is already loved by many .includes a    Japanese foot massage .         

Massage-    30 mins £35  45 mins £45  60 mins £60 90 mins £90 120 mins £100.  course of 6 session pay 5x mins in advance receive 1 session free   combination of deep tisssue to relieve aches pains such as neck problems,knots headaches,migraines, lower back problems,sciatica, joint issues then Swedish massage for aiding relaxation and peace topped with aromatherapy oils combined for your needs,the massages is adapted for what your body is calling out for 

            Pregnancy massage 1hr £60 

  Reflexology -    feet only 40 mins £40   hands & feet 60 mins £50  ears 20 mins £20
pressure points and massage to feet and hands corresponding to relieve aches and pains to the entire body

Ear candling -     40 mins £40
 the warm natural candles are inserted in to your ear lit with a flame and held in a position whilst the candle softens any wax in your inner ear drawing hard wax up that causes you tinnitus or blockage . Includes scalp massage on each sidevery relaxing treatment. 

Indian Head Massage- 45 mins £40
starts with breathing ,a journey to relax your mind and soul , massage to head,arms,neck,shoulders and arms chakra cleansing and finish with a light chat of colours and your journey you received   

Opatra Infra Crystal New Futuristic treatments.    1hr £70
 reduces joint swelling such as Arthritis, repairs Torn Ligament , Reduces Scar Tissue, or stretch marks just to mention a few 

Pay here, or pay on the day of appointment
Pay here, or pay on the day of appointment
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